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Fotona Pain management

Pain medications are often effective to manage pain but have a multitude of side effects as well.
New technology in laser treatments for pain management will intrigue you. With Fotona SP Dynamis laser, you will be amazed how successful could we be in helping those suffering with chronic pain.

medical 3d illustration - woman having a painful neck

You can have a 100% success in reducing or eliminating pain from my clients for 3 days to three weeks! If you struggle with a muscle pain Fotona can help you. Clients with long term injuries to the hamstrings, also felt immediate improvements and with continued treatments has found relief from the pain which had prevented her from being as active as she usually would Sadly, I cannot say that we have found the cure for chronic pain.
However, we have the superior technology to help!.

Not all lasers are created equal! The new Fotona SP Dynamis laser has special settings that allow for the technician to apply heat deep into the skin and muscle tissues and right down to the bones and the connective tissues that surround them, leaving the surface of the skin much cooler than the deeper layers.

This heat helps to loosen up the tissues that it is targeting, thereby allowing lymphatic fluid to flow more easily and detoxify the area. This reduces swelling which can cause tension and pain in any area. The heat also helps to stimulate the creation of connective tissues, helping to strengthen the area in question.

Having laser therapy for pain in conjunction with massage therapy or other compatible therapies is an effective and healthy alternative to increased pain medication. Clients have been able to reduce or eliminate the need for pain meds which has obvious benefits.
We also encourage clients to participate in gentle restorative exercises after the treatment as they feel they are able. Exercise helps to build muscle and can reduce tension and stress.




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