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New Christmas promotions at Ideal Body Clinic!

New Christmas promotions at Ideal Body Clinic! Buy our special price gift cards for the value of 50$,100$ and 250$ applicable on regular prices and enjoy one of our relaxing treatment!

Ideal Body Clinic Montreal offers you a wide range of aesthetic and paramedical services and procedures aimed to heal, tight, rejuvenate and restore the structure of your skin, normalize blood circulation,

improve lymph flow, as well as helping to eliminate minor cosmetic defects. It includes effective

methods of hardware technologies and modern equipment such as Fotona laser, Fractional laser, LPG,Endermologie treatment , Ultrasound, and laser hair removal Lasers. Ideal Body Clinic is also specialized

in injection cosmetology such as Botox and Hyaluronic Acide injections and Facial fillers, mesotherapy, micro needling, anti acne scar treatments and chemical peelings.

You can get more detailed information on each of the proposed procedures in the corresponding

sections of our website or be calling us at (514)998-0998.

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Fotona Scars treatments: skin resurfacing Fotona ablative laser treatment for deep scars and tissue repairing: 1 treatment for $600, 3 treatments $1500 (Regular price 1 treatment $800 / 3 treatments $2000)

Fotona’s skin resurfacing system uses the laser light that targets imperfections, without touching the healthy skin. The heat stimulates the production of new collagen in the dermis, which helps to speed up the rejuvenation process.

A package of 4 Microneedling treatments for $555

Microneedling is a procedure that helps to improve the look of scars, wrinkles (around the eyes, mouth), stretch marks and the overall texture of the skin. It also treats aging skin on the hands and the neck, making your skin look younger.

2 Microdermabrasion treatments including oxygen infusion + 2 chemical peels including collagen mask for 400$

Microdermabrasion gently uses a crystal exfoliation technique which is a fast and easy way to help maintain beautiful skin. Chemical peeling allows to remove fine lines and reduce appearance of deep lines, pore size, scars and pigmentation. It also boosts cell rejuvenation and tightens the skin.

Mesotherapy: refill your acne scars with a skin booster treatment. $200 per zone (regular price $250)

Mesotherapy is a technique used to rejuvenate the skin by means of a transdermal injection of a multivitamin solution and natural plant extracts that reduce the appearance of the signs of aging.

Fotona active acne treatment 1 for $150, 4 for $520

This treatment regenerates the skin to reduce the appearance of acne scars with the help of a high-power laser.

Full body hair removal (diode laser) $1600

15 Lipomassages (LPG) for $950

Lipomassage is an alternative to a liposuction. It is a non-surgical solution for stubborn fat reduction. This treatment increases lymphatic drainage and microcirculation by 400 times.

10 Lipomassages (LPG) +10 Lipolasers for $950

Lipolaser is a combination of the radiofrequency and ultrasound technologies used to break down troublesome fat deposits. The effectiveness of lipolaser treatment doubles when combined with the lipomassage.

5 Slimwaves for the body for $350 / 5 slimwave for face for $250

The Slimwave treatment has the same effect as a full work-out session. The result of one hour of the treatment is equivalent to doing 600 sit ups, 600 push-ups and 600 leg lifts together. Our 45-minute session can burn up to 1000 calories!  Achieve even greater results by following a healthy diet plan.

Remove double chin with Belkyra: 1 treatment for $1000 (regular price $1200)

This is a first-class aesthetic treatment that aims to improve the appearance of the chin profile with Belkyra injections. The active ingredient is deoxycholic acid, molecules of which naturally occur molecule in human body. They play a key role in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat.

Vampire lift (PRP) for $600

Hair restoration: Plasma injection, PRP for $600 (regular price $1200)

Plasma is a component of the human blood that contains special platelets, which are known to be good proteins. This procedure will encourage hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Laser light for hair loss: 20 treatments for $400

Get rid of old age spots, Sun damaged skin, and melasma with our amazing packages:

2 chemical peels +2 IPL for $400

2 silk peels +2 micro dermabrasions for $400

1 microdermabrasion+2 Fotona photo laser treatments for $400.

5 Swedish massages (1h) for $375.

A package of 3 Fotona Intraoral for $399.

A package of 3 fotona micro peels for $690.

3D lifting by Fotona Laser (intraoral + skin resurfacing + double chin removal): 1 treatment for $350 or 4 for $1320

A perfect solution to restore collagen and bring back the elasticity to your skin. This laser works on both exterior and interior sides of the face. By working internally, it affects interior oral cavity to reduce wrinkles by volumizing and tightening the skin.

Vaginal rejuvenation, whitening of the private area, vaginal muscle tightening treatment by Fotona IntimaLase. 1 for $800, 3 for $2250

IntimaLase affects collagen by a photo thermal heating effect, thickens and tightens the vaginal walls. This non-surgical laser treatment helps to treat the following issues: urine incontinence, vaginal relaxation syndrome, and vaginal atrophy.

Sleep better, live better with the Fotona NightLase Snoring treatment 1 for $300 /3 for $750

NightLase is a non-invasive laser treatment that keeps the breathing passage open by heating the tissues of the airway with the laser energy.

4 Fractional Laser treatments for $500

Fractional laser targets both the epidermis and dermis. It delivers a laser beam into the skin, which promotes lightening of pigmented cells, collagen remodelling, as well as new collagen formation. It helps to get rid of facial lines and wrinkles, sun damaged skin, acne and acne scars, as well as skin pigmentation associated with photoaging.

25 units of Botox for $175!!!

Hyaluronic acid injection: 1 syringe starting at as little as $289!! (applicable on the same person at the same appointment)

Buy 1 ml syringe of Hyaluronic acid for $550 and get 20 units of Botox for free

Sherbrook only

4 hammam or sauna use for $80

4 exfoliations and body wrap including hammam or sauna for $240


Valid from the 20th of November until the 25th of December

***Insurance receipts available***

50% off on gift cards applicable on regular prices only. Not to be combined with any other promotion.

30% off on Rivage products.

5 Lipolasers for $250 (value of $875)

Radiofrequency and ultrasound technology are combined together to break down troublesome fat deposits.

5 Lipomassages (LPG) for $350 (value of $475)

Lipomassage is an alternative to liposuction. It is a non-surgical solution for stubborn fat. This treatment increases lymphatic drainage and microcirculation by 400 times.

1 Sauna + 1 body exfoliation + 1 body wrap for $80

Improves the condition of the skin and relaxes the muscles

5 Slimwave treatments for the body $325 (regular price $380)

Slimwave is a muscle stimulation technology that uses electrodes to stimulate muscle activity that helps to burn fat

4 Slimwave treatments for face $240 (regular price $340)

Lifts facial contour, helps to get rid of a "double chin"

3 lift massages (LPG) + 2 Thermages for $400

Face lifting and wrinkle reduction; natural collagen production;
eye puffiness; face contour control treatments consist of skin cleaning, exfoliation and application of creams.

1 Microdermabrasion +1 silk peel +1 chemical Peel +1 IPL for $450

This combination helps, it gently uses a crystal exfoliation technique which is a fast and easy way to help maintain beautiful skin.

2 Photo Rejuvenation treatments+2 fractional laser treatments for $400

Rejuvenates the skin, removes brown spots, acne scars, acne, sun damage

1 treatment of teeth whitening for $80, 2 for $140

2 for 1 on any aesthetic treatment applicable on regular prices only. Not to be combined with any other promotion.

Private corporate parties are available at our Sherbrook location! For further information contact us at


30 units of Botox for $210

Pump your lips for the holiday with 1 syringe of hyaluronic acid starting from $270 (Restyline, Juvederm, Teosyal…)

Achetez 1 ml d'acide hyaluronique pour 550 $ et recevez 20 unités de toxine botulique gratuitement.

Get a facelift for Christmas!

1 Smooth lifting 2 D Fotona Laser treatment for $250 or 3 treatments for $690

1 fotona 4D treatment for $450 and 3 for $1200.

Instant facial lift with the revolutionary Fotona Laser

Hot sculpting treatment:

A treatment that is designed to remove excess body fat. It uses laser to quickly dissolve excess fat in target areas such as the thighs, abdomen, arms, neck and parts of the face.


1 zone $150 (regular price $650), 4 zones for $540 (regular price $2500)

Preholiday Promotion:

Got an important event planned for the holiday season? Ideal Body Clinic has your back with a variety of treatments that will help you feel like a million bucks and shine bright like diamonds!

For a smile that will illuminate those holiday photos:

3 teeth whitening-$180

Add brightness to your skin to help you stand out from the crowd:

4 photorejeuneration-350$

3 fractional lasers-360$

3 micro laser peels (Fotona)-300$

1 microdermabrasion + 1 silkpeel + 1 chemical peel-300$

Has work and family taken over all your time and left you without the opportunity to hit the gym before those amazing holiday meals? No problem, we got you covered:

5 lpg-300$

5 lipolasers-300$

5 slimwave-300$

10 infrared sauna-200$

May this season bring you nothing but joy! Let us work on your little imperfections and make you fall in love with yourself just in time for the holidays:

1ml hyaluronic acid plus 20 units of botulinum toxin-$550

Get the perfect holiday gift for your loved one:

2 for 1 gift cards (applicable on regular prices only)


Buy 1ml of hyaluronic acid starting from $450 and receive 5 units of botulinum toxin for free.

*Limited to 1 promotion per client


 Fotona and skin evaluation

•Take advantage of the limited time offer! FREE skin evaluation using a special skin evaluation machine, followed by free personal treatment plan recommendation!   

•20$ oxygen infusion (Oxygen Infusion is a perfect treatment to increase oxygen level in our skin. Increasing the oxygen level helps restore structure to the skin by encouraging enhanced elasticity and plumping out the lines and wrinkles)

MONKLAND LOCATION ONLTY                                                     

Fotona Intraoral face Lifting - 135$ per treatment! Or 3 treatments for- 390$

Fotona 3D Intraoral lifting + Skin resurfacing+ Double Chin removal – 460$ per treatment!

Fotona 4D Intraoral lifting + Skin resurfacing + double chin removal – 499$ per treatment!

Fotona Laser Warts Removal – 80$ per treatment! Or 3 treatments for – 180$

Fotona NighLase Snoring – 200$ per treatment! Or 3 for - 540$

Sherbrooke Promos

 SPA manicure & pedicure ($75 regular price: $120)

Hands and feet treatment with massage and exfoliation with high quality natural products with Dead Sea minerals from Rivage. Complete care including trimming, filing, cuticle care and relaxing massage, followed by applying a high-quality nail polish, the color of your choice.

Slimwave (5 treatments for $285      regular price $475)

Slimwave weight loss technology is an electro muscle stimulation treatment. This stimulation enables natural muscle contractions safely and effortlessly to create slenderness, inch loss, firmness and strength. The treatment also stimulates the body's natural fat burning and triggers toning process, which leaves your body leaner, firmer, and healthier, session after session.


Weight Loss Program Promo

Ideal Body Clinic will be happy to help you lose weight by using a personalized approach to diet, exercises programs, and different machines so you can get the best results.

We offer: Assistance, Private coaching, personalized coaching, weight loss supervised programs, follow up.


The main weight lost treatments we offer include:

  • 5 HotSculpting treatments for $650tx

Hotsculpting is a contouring non-invasive procedure, that allows the fat to burn and also tightens the skin. A laser tenderly and securely warms the fat to the point of cell demise which are then prepared or disposed of from the body. In the meantime, the laser fixes the skin by producing new collagen, bringing about a general change of form laxity and versatility in the treated regions.

  • 10 Lipomassages for $600tx

Lipomassage by endermology is a mechanized technique that allows ton form and tone your body by mobilizing the fat layers and skin. This lymphatic drainage treatment also results in restoration of the blood circulation, and reducing of appearance of cellulite.

  • 5 treatments of Slimwave for $300tx

Slimwave uses an electro muscle stimulation technology. This stimulation enables natural exercise safely and effortlessly to create slenderness, inch loss, firmness and strength. The treatment also stimulates the body's natural fat burning and toning process helping to give you a body that is not only lean and firm but healthy too. The stimulation from the electrical also increases circulation of the skin. Thereby improving texture and tone as well as reducing the appearance of cellulite.

  • 9 ultrasound cavitations for $360tx

Ultrasound cavitation is a non-invasive procedure that allows to reduce localized fat by relying on sound waves. The ultrasound machine targets the problematic area of the body with low-frequency sound waves, which allows to vibrate the layer of fat cells.

  • 5 Lipolasers for $250tx

Lipolaser is a combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound cavitation that allows to break down troublesome fat deposits, to reduce the body`s circumference, to tighten the skin, and to tone it as well.

Our infrared treatments are designed for detoxification, weight control, and reduce of the cellulite appearance.

The diet programs include:

HCG (reg. Price $125tx) stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone present in both men and women, but which is produced in great amounts in pregnant females. HCG controls the hunger pains and makes your body consume its own fat stores, thus maintaining the necessary amount of 2500- 3000 calories per day while you lose weight and see the inches melt away.

The Protidiet or protein diet by Ideal Body (reg.price $21 per box of 7 packs)  is a four-phase system that allows to lose weight, and normalize your metabolism. The Proti diet products contain highly digestive proteins, vitamins and minerals. This line offers soups, desserts, breakfasts, and supers.

Isagenix (reg.price$30-$60) is known to be a cleansing system, which includes 9, and 30 days program. These are the fat burning programs that are designed to remove toxins which block the normal weight loss.

Kyani (reg.price$30-$60) line is a detox program which includes health supplements, drink and food. The products are mostly made of green tea extract, acai and maqui berries, mangosteen fruit, blueberries and others. The benefits of Kyani includes boosting of immune system, maintaining of energy, support of cognitive function, and increase in mental health.

Usana (reg.price$30-$60) produces different nutritional and dietary supplements. Its products are highly enriched in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants needed for the body. The energy drinks from Usana replace the normal, regular meals and snacks.

For more information, please visit our website designed to help you chose the best program for your case: