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Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation – IntimaLase™ and IncontiLase™ClearSteps Laser Treatment for Nail InfectionLaser Treatment for Acne & Acne Scars. Ideal Body Clinic MontrealLaser Hair Removal4DTM Non-Invasive Face Lift

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation – IntimaLase™ and IncontiLase™

All aspects of our body are valuable. When we grow up, and age, our organism changes the way it is functioning. It is known that a female body functioning changes with a first menstruation, abortion, when giving a birth, and during the approach of menopause.

One of the changes that most women experience after giving a birth is a “Stress Urinary Incontinence Syndrome”. This syndrome occurs when the bladder leaks urine unconsciously during coughing, laughing, sneezing, or exercising. This syndrome might also be observed during obesity and aging.

Stress Urinary Incontinence Syndrome is caused by weakening of the urethral closure mechanism. This disease is normally treated through muscular training.

Another common syndrome is “Vaginal Relaxation & Atrophy”, which results in loss of friction and sexual satisfaction for both partners.

IntimaLase™ and IncontiLase™ are the non-surgical laser treatments, which affect collagen by a photo thermal heating effect. This procedure thickens and tightens the vaginal walls.

The process is absolutely painless and safe. However, sexual contact is not recommended for at lease one week after the treatment.

IntimaLase™ is used to treat the stress urinary incontinence, yet IncontiLase™ treats vaginal relaxation syndrome.

IncontiLase™ requires two treatments. The total price is $2500tx.

One session of IntimaLase™ is usually enough, yet sometimes additional treatment is required. The regular price per treatment is $1500tx. Each session is about 45-60 minutes long.

ClearSteps Laser Treatment for Nail Infection

Well-groomed feet and nails are the first sign of hygiene. However, even when being hygienic it is possible to get a nail infection.

In our days, one of the most common infections is “Onychomycosis”. In other words, fungus, which is a known infection that affects fingernails and toenails. Onychomycosis develops from fungi that live in a moist, warm environment. It is more likely to get fungus from someone, yet there is also a chance to get a nail infection from the fungi that is already present in our body.

The main symptoms of onychomycosis involve yellow streaks under the nail, discoloured nails, buildup of skin pieces under the nail, and broken, thickened nails.

The following facts can be reasons of fungus development: diabetes, having artificial nails, swimming in public swimming pool, skin injury around the nail, and having moist toes for a significant period of time.

If you suffer from any of all of the above, ClearStepsTM is certainly a perfect solution for you!

ClearStepsTM is a non-invasive procedure created by Fotona, that includes a laser treatment that is passed over the infected nail and surrounding tissues. This process weakens and then kills the fungi because of producing a photo-thermal heating effect.

The number of treatments depends on the initial state of the nails, and individual`s resistance to the infection. However, it is proved that the significant results can be already observed after 3-4 visits, and the improvements might be seen after the first treatment. Each session is about 30 minutes long, which allows the laser beam to pass over 10 toenails.

The regular price is $300x per treatment, or $1000 per prepaid package of four.

Laser Treatment for Acne & Acne Scars. Ideal Body Clinic Montreal

You have always dreamed to have a skin without any sign of acne?

We have the perfect solution for you. In some cases, acne could be temporary and permanent, it could be caused by many factors such as hormonal fluctuation which is usually cases of adolescents, certain medication or even an unhealthy lifestyle. Fotona’s laser treatment reduces acne inflammation through photoselective absorption and controlled heating.

The Fotona laser’s harmless and safe, it penetrates the skin and destroys overactive sebaceous glands which are located on every surface of your skin.

Fotona Nd Yag system uses a high-power laser to penetrate the skin and target the bacteria that produces the inflammation associated with acne.

The treatment produces collagen and the healing process is fast and painless.

For active acne on your body, Fotona’s laser reduces inflammation by using photoselective absorption and highly-controlled heating effects.

The Fotona laser helps to improve the skin texture and releases a healthy and smooth, undamaged skin.

The Fotona’s laser is a simple procedure which guarantees you a good result.

Advantages of Laser Acne Treatment:

  • safe and effective
  • fast and convenient
  • no medication
  • improves skin texture and tone
  • long-lasting results

The effects of this laser treatment are long-lasting. However, proper skin care and sun protection will go a long way to preserving the best results.

There’s some possible side effects such as redness and swelling, they usually disappear the next day.

While doing the Fotona laser treatment for acne you may feel at first some heating on the areas of inflammation then you might feel some pinching sensations.

Already after the first treatment you will observe satisfactory results but you might need few treatments to observe a 100% flawless skin.  The Fotona laser will treat the acne scars that you can’t treat with any medications.

  • 1 Treatment of Acne Tx-Combo Piano/FRAC 3-30 minutes
  • Facial Acne treatment-150.00$
  • Recommended Protocol- Tx series of 4-6- 1 per wk

Laser Hair Removal

We all have some unwanted hair on our body. Most individuals will require a series of treatments over time which will result in the removal of the unwanted hair.

Fotona's specially designed, innovative handpiece technology allows safe, precisely controlled and optimal delivery of laser.

Laser treatments are safe and effective way to achieve the best results. The Fotona laser effectively and permanently reduces hair for all parts of the body and suitable for all skin types. The results depend on the type of hair and how many sessions were done.

Fotona’s laser effectively targets the melanin in the hair follicles.

The pigment absorbs the energy until the follicle is destroyed, leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. These laser treatment sessions are then repeated (on average) 6-8 times, at 4-8-week intervals, to target the attached hairs at each growth cycle until most of the hair follicles have been destroyed. After several treatments, patients can expect a significant reduction 80-95% in the thickness and amount of hair. The hair that was beneath the surface of the skin no longer has a follicle and your body will reject it over the next 2-3 weeks after the treatment. It may look like growing hair, but simply exfoliate or continue shaving until the dull hair has all fallen out. A reduction can be seen immediately following the first treatment with progressive improvements with each treatment.

Laser hair removal has always been most effective for people who have light skin and dark hair where the hair is very visible.

Laser hair removal is non-ablative, meaning it does not remove the skin. Post-treatment flushing or redness akin to a sunburn is common after laser hair removal and should subside within a few days.

You must keep your treated area out of direct sunlight, as this will exacerbate the laser therapy treatment and may change the desired outcome. This means covering up with clothes and sunscreen and making yourself available to shaded areas if outdoors.

Once laser hair removal is complete, you won't have to worry about shaving or waxing anymore.

  • Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Blonde and gray hair

Hair removal Price list

  • Upper lip $75 - (5min)
  • Hands $75 - (10 min)
  • Chin $75 - (5 min)
  • Feet $75 -(10 min)
  • Cheeks $100 - (5 min)
  • Lower legs $275 -(30 min)
  • Full Face $250 - (15 min)
  • Neck $200 - (10 minutes)
  • Underarms $200 - (10 min)
  • Forearms $200 - (20 min)
  • Chest $350 - (25 to 30 min)
  • Abdomen $100- (10 min)
  • Back $350 -(25min)
  • Bikini $150-400 - (20 min)
  • Buttocks $250-300 -(20 min)
  • Thighs $250 -(30 min)

4DTM Non-Invasive Face Lift

None of us are prevented from physical age. It is a process that may lead to gradually changes in our bodies, as thinner hair, loss of height, hearing troubles, and certainly skin look.

With age, we all lose collagen, and therefore our skin becomes less elastic, which results in appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Fotona 4DTM is a perfect solution to restore collagen, and bring back the elasticity to your skin. This laser is used for different synergistic, non-invasive treatments that work on both exterior and interior sides of face. By working internally, it affects interior oral cavity, which helps to reduce wrinkles by voluminazing and tightening the skin.

4D stands here for four dimensions, since Fotona 4DTM laser contains four steps, and a combination of them allow to reduce appearance of all the possible wrinkles.

SmoothLiftinTM  is a procedure used to target volume through collagen induction. A collagen induction process is a skin rejuvenation treatment, which is known to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and some scars.

FRAC3R is a second step to a better skin. It involves a fractional laser non-invasive treatment that resurface the skin, and reduces imperfection, like spots or vascular components.

PIANOR is a third stage of 4DTM non-invasive face lift. The main purpose of this step is to provide a tightening effect to the parts of the skin that have lost elasticity and laxity. The procedure consists of heating the skin, and concentrating energy deliver. This is processed by brushing technique.

SupErficialTM is a last step that results in polishing effect, by removing dead skin cells. This process allows your skin to become brighter, healthier looking, and more glowing.

In total, it is recommended to do three treatments. The interval between the procedures must be approximately one month. Each treatment is about an hour long.

The regular price is $850tx per treatment, or $2400tx per prepaid package of three.