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Coolsculpting + Electro Stimulation

Coolsculpting + Electro Stimulation

CoolScultpting’s fat-freezing technology along with Electro Stimulation is the perfect combination! Fat cells don’t survive in cold temperatures and when they freeze, your body then will eliminate them in the next couple of months, resulting in a reduction of 20% or more of the fat in the treated area. This especially works with stubborn fat.

Electro Stimulation is a treatment designed to enhance blood flow and stimulate circulation while contracting the muscles, causing fat to metabolize, while the muscles tighten and tone.

With these two treatments working hand in hand, you are sure to see a transformation, not only removing those stubborn fat accumulations but also toning the muscles under.

Ideal Body Clinic is the best place to use these two treatments and see the results you desire. Call 514 998 0998 and book your free consultation.

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients, they perform hundreds of roles in the body. They help shore up bones, heal wounds, and bolster your immune system. They convert food into energy, and repair cellular damage.

Vitamins and minerals differ in basic ways. Vitamins are organic and can be broken down by heat, air, or acid. Minerals are inorganic and hold on to their chemical structure. Meaning the minerals in soil and water easily find their way into your body through the plants, fish, animals, and fluids you consume. But it’s tougher to shuttle vitamins from food and other sources into your body because cooking, storage, and simple exposure to air can inactivate these more fragile compounds.

Eating a healthy diet remains the best way to get vitamins and minerals you need, but may not always be enough.

A huge role in self care is to supplement your body’s intake of vitamins and minerals. There is a fine line between getting enough of these nutrients (which is healthy) and getting too much (which can end up harming you).

Ideal Body Clinic has a Naturopath available for online consultations to help you get you body to it’s healthiest.

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With the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in, we are happy to provide an all new anti-viral IV Therapy to fight any ongoing or future flus.

Ideal Body Clinic’s Anti-viral IV Therapy contains a high dose of Vitamin C, coupled with minerals, to help boost the immune system. Given the numerous components of this new IV therapy option, benefits include a boost to one’s immunity against a number of virus strains that can aggravate and provoke future illnesses.

Antiviral IV Therapy: 1 treatment/$200 or 4 treatments/$700

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Sauna and Hammam

#Sauna bathing is one way to help reduce the chances of catching a #flu or other viruses in the body.

High temperatures and especially moist heat with water vapor can deactivate viruses effectively. Even at a temperature of 55-70 ° C (moist heat), the #virus can be countered within a few minutes and thus there is a loss of infectivity.

Taking deep breaths inhaling through your nose, as the hot air passes your respiratory system it will also kill off any traces of viruses.

We hope you stay healthy and enjoy plenty of relaxing moments in our #Sauna and #Hammam!


Lack of #vitaminC has been known to increase susceptibility to #viruses, and studies have shown that vitamin C deficiency is related to the increased risk and severity of #influenza infections.

Vitamin C is important to the human body and plays a role in reducing inflammatory response and also helps to boost the #ImmuneSystem when you are sick with a #cold or the #flu.

At Ideal Body Clinic we care about our client’s #health, so we are offering Vitamin C IV Therapy and it does not require a prescription.

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Microneedling is a non-invasive treatment, it uses a pen with micro-needles tip (roller) to create micro-openings to penetrate through a serum based on hyaluronic acid. It is very effective in treating the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. As well as dull tint, large pores, skin texture, acne scars and even stretch marks.

The treatment it’s for all skin types and tones. Microneedling takes about 60 min, immediately after the client will feel a slight heat in the face which would be a little bit red. Not recommended for people on Accutane and pregnant women.


Threads lift & Fillers

How to treat facial volume loss due to age, stress or genetic? If you are looking for a way of rejuvenation of the face and the body without going through a surgery, but that the results are as effective, we now offer at Ideal Body Clinic a new technique called Threads lift & Fillers.

Why combine Threads lift & Fillers? Fillers allow threads to adhere better to tissues. For example, a client with very pronounced nasolabial folds, drooping skin and jowls, could use fillers combined with treads. However, the skin which becomes tighter following a thread lift, it does nothing to combat skin than has thinned and lost volume with age. Dermal fillers such as Juviderm and Teosyal are necessary for this task to restore volume to the skin. You could find yourself much younger in a natural way. The two techniques complements each other and gives fabulous and long last results.

It is a good alternative to surgery, results last 1-2 years and obviously it is cheaper and less painful than a surgical facelift. As well as no down time. Also the procedure is so safe that we can repeat it after 2-3 years when the old threads are absorbed by the skin.

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Ideal body clinic is happy to introduce new, doctor-recommended, Acoustic Wave Therapy (PulseWave) which is one of the most effective Pain Relief procedures.

Using body ’s regenerative ability, this therapy accelerates tissue repair, which therefore provides an effective pain relief and improves quality of life. You can take advantage of this technology if you are suffering from severe case of tendonitis; This device has changed the ways that chronic injuries are treated, since it offers the solution for stubborn injuries even when traditional therapy approaches have failed.  In addition, you can benefit from the ShockWave therapy for following:

This treatment will help patients with erectile dysfunction and Peyronie ’s disease.

This treatment is will help patients to reduce cellulite and soften the appearance of stretch marks, as well as to treat keloid scars non-invasively.

Sapphire – by zero gravity

Sapphire – by zero gravity (FDA-cleared Class II medical device)

Ideal Body Clinic is proud to introduce yet another amazing technology by Zero Gravity!

The Sapphire Blue Light is completely safe and effective skin care technology that drastically minimizes the appearance of blemishes and gives the skin overall clear and bright appearance. The Sapphire uses blue light therapy and topical heat in order to provide disinfection, detox and to eliminate bacteria under the skin, therefore to reveal a smoother and healthier complextion giving your skin much healthier and even tone.

Profound Facelift

Profound is an energy-based facial treatment that creates new elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid –helping keep your skin smooth and elastic. No surgery, fillers or toxins required. Profound improves aging skin leaving you look years younger.

The Profound device places electrode pairs deep into the skin and then the pairs of electrodes emit radio-frequency heating the tissue to a specific scientifically validated temperature for a specific amount of time. This is shown to generate optimum collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

In just 1-2 hrs under local anesthesia you can undergo a non-surgical procedure that will lift, tighten, and rejuvenate the Face, Jawline and Neck!!

If you are experiencing early aging that doesn’t meet surgical facelift criteria or if you are not willing to undergo surgery, Profound may be the treatment of choice for you!

Profound can be used on more than just the face. Profound can tighten up “bat wings”, inner thighs, knees, buttocks and loose skin without surgery or downtime. Cellulite of nearly any area can be treated!

Typically, results gradually reveal themselves over a period of 3-9 months after treatment. For most patients, the improvements are expected to last for several years.

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